Premium Bullnosed White Oak Hardwood Stair Treads with Single & Double Return

White Oak grows throughout the Northern and Eastern hardwood forests. It accepts stain very evenly. Its natural color ranges from white to light brown to pinkish/reddish brown. Truly a favorite all-American wood, White Oak hardwood has a centuries-old rich heritage, being the traditional choice for countless homes.

Our standard unfinished stair treads are 1” thick, 11-1/2” wide, and are available in 36", 42", 48", 54", 60" and 72" lengths and are sold in two grades: Select, and Character. Our Select Grade is crafted from handpicked hardwood that adhears to NWFA grading specifications. Our Rustic or Character Grade is crafted from handpicked hardwood selected for its strong rustic character that includes sound knots and color variation. Custom sizes are available upon request, with custom lengths up to 16-feet. Surface is sanded with 120-grit paper.

Please call for pricing on Handcrafted surfaces.

Please Note: Double return stair treads are supplied with one return installed to allow for installation variance.

To determine whether you need a right hand return or a left hand return; stand at the bottom of the stairway - looking up, If the right side is exposed you need a right hand return (RHR) tread. If the left side is exposed then you need a left hand return(LHR) tread.

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